IMPORTANT! All artwork within the mcaddons are created by Sammy Lewis (sammysblocks) and may not be reused in other Mods or Addons! Doing so will violate copyright law. I do not accept sammysblocks addons to be used in third party mcpacks.

Please only download these Addons from the sammysblocks website with the link above. To ensure you are downloading the correct, safe addon!

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Click the button below to begin your download. The file is a .mcaddon which is a file supported by your Minecraft Pocket Edition game.

You will be asked to watch a video and view some articles before you can access the download. You will not be expected to download anything other than the ADDON.  This is to support the development of the addons as they are created for free. UNSURE WHERE TO CLICK? LOOK HERE

SAMMYSBLOCKS.COM is the only website permitted to distribute this mod download. Please do not download from third party sites as you are not downloading the creators copy and it may be unsupported and unsafe.